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What We Offer - Tuition & The QED

Digger Downunder is focused on providing prospecting tuition that will meet your needs and skill level.

With a variety of options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us - we hope you will book a session!

We can provide a QED or 3 Minelab pulse induction detectors for your use, or you can bring your own detector.

You can select the location within Central Victoria and Reg will meet you at your spot or you can arrange to meet Reg at his home. 


Tuition Options:

Option 1: Basic tuition for beginners. 

This session will cover:

  • Legalities, etiquette and where you can detect
  • Familiarization with detector functions
  • Basic geology and its relationship to gold
  • Geological detective work - how to be a gold detective exploring the clues and signs
  • Research and mapping systems - maps and historical records
  • Ground noises, false signals and other red herrings (and how to differentiate)
  • Recovery procedure - how to dig up the gold without damaging it
  • Equipment required, care of equipment, and the best attire for the job
  • Fossicking - hunting of other items (apart from gold)

Option 2: Tuition using the GPZ 7000 or QED

This session will cover:

Instruction, field use and troubleshooting of these relatively new, highly advanced and sophisticated metal detectors.

NOTE: You are required to bring your own detector for this session.

Option 3: Build Your Own Session

  • Please discuss with us how you would like to organise a tailor-made session.

Following the tuition sessions described above, you will have time to apply what you have learned to test out the detector and hunt for gold. Reg will be nearby to assist when you have a question or need help to dig up a signal. 



Negotiated with Reg prior to the session.


Cash on the day


Tuition sessions will be subject to weather, alternative arrangements will be offered


We can suggest the following resources:

  • For gold history - "The History of Gold Discovery in Victoria" by James Fleet
  • For gold social history - "Nothing But Gold" by Robyn Annear
  • For modern gold detecting - "Metal Detecting for Gold and Relics" by Douglas Stone

Why Us?

Reg has 35+ years of experience as a gold prospector and has found a lot of gold over the years in many different locations. His biggest nugget was a 98 oz slug, very few prospectors can claim such a find. He has experience with a wide range of detectors including the more recent GPZ 7000 (which he paid for in finds within 4 weeks of purchase) and the QED, e detector developed in Ballarat. His knowledge of the gold fields of Victoria is extensive and his mapping system that he builds to assist the selection of prospecting sites is unique. You will be learning and buying from the best!